Jul 12 2011

The Epic Journey

Well after years of designing, redesigning, re-redesigning, re-designing…there is finally an actual live site for Mortis2000…now that the company is simply a pseudonym of the original founder. Typical really as for years, as a fully-fledged limited company, we could churn out offices, computers, websites, anything IT really, yet we never decided on a website.

The problem was that our skills would always grow faster than we could allow on free time to build the site. Every time we came up with a design that worked, we would land another big job that would swing the company in a new direction; we just couldn’t keep up with designs that actually worked for us.

Finally though, after 10 years as a name in the IT world, I’ve decided to simply bring the name back to being the overall ‘me’, the person I am both on a working, professional sense and also a developing, mad scientist; the side of me you are currently reading about.

I took it upon myself to use the old Mortis2000 mantra (Design, Construction, Innovation & Solution) to be the professional side of me. I stole some time and energy of a dear friend of mine (and former Mortis2000 Director) The Matthew Bobbu, from I Make Awesome.

The skills this man has are not to be taken lightly so I badgered him into making me the 3 sites that sum up who I am, to a certain degree anyway. This part of me, WiseUmos, I would say is the “everything else” bit that’s not included with the ‘scrubbed up’ person you see working in an office, or diving behind a computer.

As the site is now live, I shall be adding, subtracting, dumping and uploading all manner of strange things. I plan to showcase mad ideas, things my parents always told me not to do, plus some of the things they told me I should be doing. As my projects come alive, you will bear witness to my signing of the birth certificate.