About me

Inventor, innovator, mad scientist, geek, polymath, what ever you wish to label me as, I’m sure you will find justification here. Ideas, thoughts, works in progress, engineering, design, concepts; it will all be shown. My innermost humanity will be on display for you to admire, criticise, enjoy or simply look confused at and point.

With experience covering all manner of opposing and equally symbiotic topics such as engineering, psychology, personal therapies, computing, management, green technology, religious history, hitting things with big hammers, driving, abstract art and even such mundane topics as designing alternative dimensional computer hardware, no doubt there will be at least something to entertain a few people; if not something for most.

As my main hobby, I’m a modern day, anachronistic, artisan. Mentally stuck somewhere between the year 3000BC and 5000 from now I tend to design and build things that would probably fit nicely in a 8,000 year time gap…although I never quite know where best until it’s finished!