Jul 19 2011

Gamer’s storage

Well, like most geeks, I’m not content with just one computer or one console, or even a relatively normal amount of storage…

For this project, I decided to do something about the bland, boring, black case that housed the 250GB of storage that I had stuck in the back of my Wii and Xbox 360. I bounce it between the two for random bits of data storage that’s just related to them, (so as to keep it off my network) so it had to be a gaming theme!

I have always been, and always will be, a huge fan of Nintendo! I know it’s odd, I know I shouldn’t admit it in public, but hey, I’m out and proud; I love Nintendo! I was raised with them, or by them, either way you could say it’s a big part of who I am. So naturally I needed something Nintendo themed really.

My game of choice, the one that really got me into gaming, was Super Metroid; so I felt it just had to be that game, if it would work. I thought it was about right in size to be able to fit a 2.5″ hard drive into a SNES cartridge so I managed to grab a copy of the game from a local electronics shop.

The game in question

I discovered that the drive & controller board, are almost, exactly the right size to fit inside a SNES cartridge. On further inspection, after the picture below, I discovered it was designed with exactly this in mind. I’m pretty sure that time travel was involved and that Nintendo had this as a plan from the start…which means I must get to work on getting both a job at Nintendo 25 years ago and a time machine…I suspect the one I’m building should be ready around 1976!

After cracking open the cartridge

With some expertly honed skill (if I do say so myself), a steady artisan’s hand, and a nicely sharp Stanley knife (that’s a bit like an X-Acto knife for people who know how to correctly spell “colour”) I trimmed out the framework that normally holds the game circuit, carved a couple of holes for the LED and plug, then put it all back together. Pics below!

Now, she’s sitting pride of place next to my Wii, simply pointing out just how much of a geek one guy can be!

Jul 12 2011

The Epic Journey

Well after years of designing, redesigning, re-redesigning, re-designing…there is finally an actual live site for Mortis2000…now that the company is simply a pseudonym of the original founder. Typical really as for years, as a fully-fledged limited company, we could churn out offices, computers, websites, anything IT really, yet we never decided on a website.

The problem was that our skills would always grow faster than we could allow on free time to build the site. Every time we came up with a design that worked, we would land another big job that would swing the company in a new direction; we just couldn’t keep up with designs that actually worked for us.

Finally though, after 10 years as a name in the IT world, I’ve decided to simply bring the name back to being the overall ‘me’, the person I am both on a working, professional sense and also a developing, mad scientist; the side of me you are currently reading about.

I took it upon myself to use the old Mortis2000 mantra (Design, Construction, Innovation & Solution) to be the professional side of me. I stole some time and energy of a dear friend of mine (and former Mortis2000 Director) The Matthew Bobbu, from I Make Awesome.

The skills this man has are not to be taken lightly so I badgered him into making me the 3 sites that sum up who I am, to a certain degree anyway. This part of me, WiseUmos, I would say is the “everything else” bit that’s not included with the ‘scrubbed up’ person you see working in an office, or diving behind a computer.

As the site is now live, I shall be adding, subtracting, dumping and uploading all manner of strange things. I plan to showcase mad ideas, things my parents always told me not to do, plus some of the things they told me I should be doing. As my projects come alive, you will bear witness to my signing of the birth certificate.