What happened to Mortis 2000?

Mortis2000 was formed in 2001 by a 15 year old Jamie Reader. In its then incarnation, it was a free service for helping school children with homework, life questions, exam revision and computer/technology issues. 2 years later, we started earning and the repetoir was expanded; web site design, custom computer builds, repair and upgrading was now part of the every day service. Fastforwarding a little, 3 Directors, a satellite Bristol base too (In adition to the North West office), the services now encompassed the following:

Enter 2009 and business was booming, sadly, the economy wasn't! As a result, half of the core clients where forced to go into liquidation and with the mass of companies going bust all over the UK, at the end of 2009 it was decided by the Directors to cease trading as Mortis2000 Ltd and fold the company (while it was still our choice to do so).

Since then, we have all been undertaking a number of other ventures and still collaborate when ever we can... only now we all trade as individuals in our own rights. The only person still completely tied to the name Mortis2000 is the founder, Jamie.